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UAV applications

Time: 2022-08-11    Author: HAIKE    Look: 227


UAVs are widely used in industries such as police, urban management, agriculture, geology, meteorology, electricity, emergency rescue and disaster relief, and video shooting.

1. Application field: power inspection

Working principle: UAVs equipped with high-definition digital cameras and cameras and GPS positioning systems can locate autonomous cruises along the power grid, transmit and shoot images in real time, and monitor personnel can watch and control them synchronously on the computer. Recommended reason: The traditional manual power line inspection method is used, which is difficult and inefficient. The front-line power inspectors occasionally encounter the danger of being "pushed by dogs" and "bitten by snakes". The drone has realized electronic, information-based and intelligent inspection, which improves the work efficiency of power line inspection, the level of emergency rescue and the reliability of power supply. In emergency situations such as flash floods and earthquake disasters, drones can conduct surveys and emergency investigations on potential dangers of the line, such as the fall of the tower base, without being affected by the road conditions at all. It can also detect the blind spots of the human eye, which is very helpful for quickly restoring the power supply.

2. Application field: agricultural insurance

Working principle: UAVs integrated with high-definition digital cameras, spectrum analyzers, thermal infrared sensors and other devices are used to fly on farmland to accurately measure the planting area of the insured plot, and the collected data can be used to evaluate crop risks and insurance rates. , and can determine the damage of the affected farmland. In addition, the drone inspection also realizes the monitoring of crops. Reasons for recommendation: Natural disasters occur frequently, and in the face of the situation of no harvest, agricultural insurance is sometimes a life-saving straw for farmers, but due to the difficulty in claim settlement, it makes people more suffering. The application of drones in the field of agricultural insurance can not only ensure the accuracy of loss assessment and the high efficiency of claims settlement, but also monitor the normal growth of crops and help farmers carry out targeted measures to reduce risks and losses.

3. Application field: environmental protection work

Principle: The application of drones in the field of environmental protection can be roughly divided into three types. 1. Environmental monitoring: observe the conditions of air, soil, vegetation and water quality, and can also quickly track and monitor the development of sudden environmental pollution incidents in real time; 2. Environmental law enforcement: Environmental monitoring departments use drones equipped with collection and analysis equipment to Cruise in a specific area, monitor the exhaust gas and wastewater discharge of enterprises and factories, and find pollution sources; 3. Environmental governance: use the soft-wing drones carrying catalysts and meteorological detection devices to spray in the air, and the working principle of drones to spread pesticides In the same way, eliminate smog in a certain area. Recommended reason: UAVs carry out aerial photography, with strong durability, and can also use far-infrared night photography and other modes to achieve all-weather aerial monitoring, and UAV law enforcement is not limited by space and terrain. It has strong timeliness, good mobility, and a wide range of inspections, especially in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region with severe smog, which enables law enforcement officers to investigate the source of pollution in time and reduce the degree of smog pollution to a certain extent.

4. Application field: film and television drama shooting

Working principle: The drone is equipped with a high-definition camera. In the case of wireless remote control, according to the shooting requirements of the program, it can shoot from the air under the control of remote control. Recommended reason: UAV realizes high-definition real-time transmission, and its distance can be as long as 5 kilometers, while the standard-definition transmission distance is as long as 10 kilometers; the drone is flexible and maneuverable, as low as one meter and as high as four or five kilometers. Chasing cars, raising and lowering, rotating left and right, and even shooting against the belly of a horse, etc., greatly reduces the cost of shooting.

5. Application field: the problem of right confirmation

How it works: From the territorial disputes between the two countries to the confirmation of rural land rights, drones can be used for aerial photography. Recommended reason: Take the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands as an example, the drone is flexible and maneuverable, and it can record the small actions that Japan has carried out around the Diaoyu Islands in my country without dispatching a single soldier. In fact, the issue of border confirmation within some countries also involves different races. UAVs are dispatched to collect border data, which effectively avoids potential social conflicts.

6. Application field: street view work

Principle: Use a drone with a shooting device to carry out large-scale aerial photography to achieve the effect of aerial view. Recommended reason: Google and Tencent Street View are both "Out". The street view cars are pressing down on the road again and again, and maybe one day they will take pictures of your and my faces, but the drone is very different. Now, the street view pictures it shoots not only have a bird's-eye view of the world, but also have a little artistic flavor. Don't forget that in areas covered by clouds and fog all the year round, when remote sensing satellites are not enough, drones can charge into battle.

7. Application field: express delivery work

Principle: The drone can realize the distribution of goods of the size below the shoe box package. Just enter the GPS address of the recipient into the system, and the drone can take off.

8. Application field: post-disaster rescue

How it works: UAVs equipped with high-definition cameras are used to take aerial photos of disaster-stricken areas to provide first-hand the latest images. Recommended reason: The drone moves quickly. It takes only 7 minutes from take-off to landing and has completed aerial photography of 100,000 square kilometers. It is of great significance for the post-disaster rescue work that races against time. In addition, drones ensure the safety of rescue work. Through aerial photography, those dangerous areas that may have landslides are avoided. It will provide reasonable allocation of rescue forces, determination of key areas for disaster relief, selection of safe rescue routes, and site selection for post-disaster reconstruction. Valuable reference. In addition, drones can monitor the situation in disaster-stricken areas in real-time and in all directions to prevent secondary disasters. In fact, there are more than eight popular application areas for UAVs, and there are more than ten and twenty. There are also huge advantages such as Jinying UAV surveying and mapping.

9. Application field: remote sensing mapping

How it works: First of all, remote sensing means remote sensing. Broadly speaking, it means that you do not go to the target area and use remote control technology to inquire about local conditions. In a narrow sense, it is satellite pictures and aerial pictures. Remote sensing for surveying and mapping is the use of remote sensing technology to perform calculations on a computer and achieve the purpose of surveying and mapping.


UAVs are widely used, low cost, high efficiency; no risk of casualties; strong survivability, good maneuverability, and easy use. They play an extremely important role in modern warfare and have broader prospects in the civilian field.

The reconnaissance aircraft is used to complete battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, positioning and calibration, damage assessment, electronic warfare, etc.; it can also be used for civilian purposes, such as border patrol, nuclear radiation detection, aerial photography, aerial prospecting, disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, public security monitoring, etc. Target drones can be used as targets for artillery and missiles.

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