BLHeli_32 Mini 40A 4 IN 1 ESC


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BLHeli_32 Mini 40A 4 IN 1 ESC

FPV race crossing machine partner.

Using high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor, the operating frequency is up to 128MHz.

BLHeli_32 firmware is the third generation of BLHeli (code) written on the basis of BLHeli (code) and BLHeli-S (code). Use Damped light mode. Damped light can not only regenerative braking to decelerate the motor quickly, but also synchronous rectification.

This version of the code supports various functions to prevent (motor) out-of-step problems, and although its default settings work well under normal operating conditions, it still supports a number of parameters that can be adjusted to make the code even in the most severe cases. It also works well below.

The ESC can support ordinary PWM throttle mode, OneShot125 throttle mode, OneShot42 throttle mode and MultShot throttle mode. It can also support DShot150/300/600/1200 digital throttle mode. It has a navigation prompt function. If the zero throttle signal continues for a period of time, the ESC A navigation prompt will sound, effectively helping to find the lost aircraft.

ESC Specifications:

Product size: 31*30*6 mm

Product net weight: 6.1g

Packing size: Φ62*33mm

Packing weight: 13 g

Fixed hole position: 20*20mm

Fixed aperture: M3

Working voltage: 2-6S

Maximum continuous working current: 40A

Maximum instantaneous current: 45A

Support: DShot150/300/600/1200, PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot

Assistant software: BLHeli 32

Firmware version: BL32.7

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