HAKRC 35A miniF4 Fly Tower


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HAKRC 35A MiniF4 flying tower is equipped with BLS 35A four-in-one ESC and F405 flight control, which provides powerful power with a 20x20mm installation.F405 flight controller is equipped with 5 UARTs, MPU6500 IMU, OSD, F.Port and many other functions ! Built-in plug-in allows you to easily connect to the DJI FPV Air System.Integrated 16Mb black box, barometer, upgraded Type-C USB interface, greatly improve socket life and reduce the risk of poor contact. Supports various receivers including Sbus, ELRS, PPM, CRSF, DSMX, iBus, DUMD, etc.

F405 FC Specifications:

Product size: 31*28*8mm

Packing size: Φ62*33mm

Installation hole distance: 20*20mm  φ4mm

Weight: 6g

Packing weight: 20g



Baro: Infineon DPS310 (I2C2)

OSD: AT7456E (SPI2)

Blackbox: 16MB

B   E  C: 5V/3A ; 9V/2.5A

USB interface: TYPE-C

Input voltage: 3—6S

Firmware: HAKRCF405D

Uart serial port: 5

Assistant software: betaflight-configurator

DJI digital image transmission: support

BLS 35A ESC Specifications:

Product size: 31*30*6 mm

Product net weight: 6.1g

Packing size: Φ62*33mm

Packing weight: 13 g

Fixed hole position: 20*20mm

Fixed aperture: M3

Working voltage: 2-6S

Maximum continuous working current: 35A

Maximum instantaneous current: 40A

Support: DShot150/300/600PWM

Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot

Assistant software: BLHeliSuite

Firmware version: BL16.7

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